Welcome, you have discovered the road to Country Vista Alpacas!

Welcome to Country Vista. Please take your time to browse and explore our website especially the Alpacas For Sale and Farm for Sale pages. There are treasures hidden here. We have additional farm land that can be sold or rented with this beautiful property. One thing I’d like to mention before you start clicking is that the peace, serenity and beauty of our farm and alpacas are only partially captured by our website. We invite you to Call or Visit in person to see and feel it all.

The timing of your visit is perfect. We have reduced the prices on our best alpacas to prepare for our move off the farm.   Our goal is before Christmas, so we’re motivated.  We can help you own and enjoy your own gentle alpacas.  There is no obligation or pressure to inquire.  Guaranteed! So If you are one who has been following this property for sale, or thinking about alpacas…..call NOW, don’t wait and miss this amazing opportunity to own a little piece of heaven.

Hi My name is Samuri, Me and my mama are for sale along with our friends at Country Vista Alpaca Farm. I’m the cutest (but don’t tell the others I said that, ok?) We can be purchased in small groups or larger ones…of course we would LOVE to all stay together at our perfect little farm. Don & Lynn have put 20 years into building our perfect little herd,  so they are willing to go the “extra mile” to help our new owners be successful. We alpacas grow the most luxurious fibre that is harvested once/year… and Lynn will continue to purchase our fibre…so CALL her today to find out more how you could own some (or all) of us. Tell her Samuri sent you. Scroll down to see more.