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Country Vista’s Farm Guarantees:

1. CV stock are guaranteed good quality, healthy, reproductively sound unless otherwise disclosed. 
2. Pregnant females are guaranteed to deliver healthy cria. 
3. Males are guaranteed to do their job by 3 years of age. 
4.  We guarantee honest, friendly support that enables you to shop here with confidence.

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We Love and Enjoy our business and want you to, too!!
Here is our TOP TEN for you…

Think about this…at this price alpacas

10. are cheaper than most dogs and horses,
9. are just as lovable and endearing to own,
8. are easier to train and manage (even toddlers can be involved),
7. provide products that WILL KEEP YOU WARM, even this winter,
6. can provide an annual return on their fibre, and offspring
5. will keep Gramma busy knitting, 
4. provide an opportunity to explore a vibrant world of fibre arts, 
3. get you outside and active, 
2. introduce you to the wonderful world of alpacas, industry, shows, and people,
1. and finally….are endearing animals to own, and provide an increasingly popular hobby/business, great support, fantastic lifestyle-
What more can you ask for these prices?  just sayin’ Call us to discuss the possibilities.