University Of Iowa Consortium Agreement

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A consortium contract is a written contract that allows students to take courses at two institutions at the same time. Under such an agreement, a student may receive financial assistance based on the total enrollment period at both institutions. Schools are not required to enter into consortium agreements. The following conditions must be met in order to conclude a consortium agreement: the objective of a consortium agreement is to ensure the appropriate financial assistance from the “original establishment”. Home school is the school you`d expect to get. The host institution is the other school you will visit. At the request and approval of the consortium agreement, the company will be considered a “welcome school” if the terms of the consortium agreement can be met. If the consortium agreement is approved by the FAS, the assistant director establishes the consortium contract and e-mail to the host school. Once the appointment is over, the Office of Financial Aid – The host institution`s scholarships fax the syndicated contract form to be filled out with your registration information. In the case of a consortium agreement, the WIU grant office calculates the number of hours worked by the two schools to fully account for financial assistance.

Adjustments can be made at: Pell Grant, MAP Grant (if you go to a college in Illinois) and Federal Direct Loan Funds. Note: Most scholarships require full-time enrollment at the University of Iowa. We recommend that you discuss your scholarships with a financial aid advisor before you want to enter into a consortium agreement. If the course work is done in a community school without a consortium agreement, the tax office is not in a position to include these hours in the definition of the grant package. If you want to take courses at another home school while you are still a student at the University of Iowa, you may be able to join a consortium to obtain financial support for credit hours at the University of Iowa and the other school (host school). The objective of a consortium agreement is to guarantee the appropriate amount of aid. Consortium agreements are only processed if they are necessary to help you obtain your federal financial support. Allison LangTransfer Admissions Counseloraklang@iastate.edu515-294-8027 Have not yet been included in another fall or spring semester in a consortium (you can only enter into a consortium contract for one semester in the fall/spring) Consortium contracts are an option for students who wish to study at another university but still intend to study at the university.

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