Country Vista Alpacas Farm was  home to Don & Lynn Hilderman for over 30 years. Our farm yard has been sold, but it’s history and our memories there continue to inspire our entire family of 3 generation. Our home was situated in the midst of some true prairie treasures waiting to be discovered on an alternate scenic drive between Regina and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Last Mountain Lake stretches the entire length of the western horizon, reflecting some of the most spectacular prairie sunsets, and a massive prairie coulee filled with wildlife, berries, and undisturbed native landscape lies directly south of the farm yard. This serene country vista is worth discovering. Nestled in the midst of all these prairie wonders is the most exciting discover of all- the gentle alpaca who came to live with us in 1996 inspiring the birth of Country Vista Alpacas.

Alpacas from Country Vista now reside from  British Columbia to Quebec, Wisconsin and Iowa.
And here is our story…
In 1984, we moved back to the family grain farm with our 3 children. Don is a farm financial consultant and part owner of Strasbourg Agencies. I, (Lynn), with my lifelong love for livestock kept a watch for a financially rewarding farm diversification opportunity that would allow me to stay home and manage with our three children. We discovered the perfect match in 1994- alpacas! They are safe, gentle, hardy, easy to keep and manage, and fit easily into our busy lifestyle, without taking grain land out of production or requiring expensive handling equipment.
Carefully researching the animals, industry and product for 3 years, we finally found the perfect animals(well proportioned with just that right look and feel). In December 1996 we purchased MMR Alexandria and MMR Edelwiess to start our new venture. Even after 3 years researching there was quite a learning curve with these unique and endearing critters. Our goal from the beginning was to produce the best alpacas we could, and we certainly went the extra miles to do so, traveling many hours for Canada’s best bloodlines, and attending every workshop, conference and show possible. We actively participated in everything alpaca for over 22 years! We sold breeding stock, but actively focused on developing a system to successfully harvest our annual crop of fibre. We worked tirelessly to help create and promote a sustainable agricultural alternative.
Members and volunteers of CLAA, Alpaca Canada, Sask. Alpaca Breeders Network Inc, ARI, AOBA, and the now historical Canadian Camelid Fibre Co-op. Lynn enjoyed being involved in the heart of the industry as an active volunteer in a variety of positions since 1996. One of them sorting through thousands of pounds of fibre with the National Co-op. She is a Certified Fibre Classer and Sorter since 2005. In 2014 , Lynn partnered with two experienced breeders in Saskatchewan Cathy Newby (Just Choice Alpacas) and Cathy Merkley (TnC Alpacas) to create Alpaca Naturally Inc., a company that purchases raw farm sorted fleeces. Together we have over 60 years experience in the alpaca and alpaca fibre world. We class the fleece and have it made into luxurious alpaca product that is then sold wholesale from coast to coast across Canada.
Our networking and volunteer experiences have been instrumental in building a very successful herd. Country Vista’s small but mighty herd have brought home many, many ribbons including multiple Reserve and Grand Championships. We have embraced everything alpaca and have truly enjoyed the journey with our timeless treasures and the wonderful people around the world that share our alpaca passion.  We have built a herd of wonderful quiet healthy registered alpaca breeding for sale but we also focus on the fibre. We go the extra mile each year at shearing time, cleaning, sorting and classing to ensure our fibre is of highest standards. Country Vista Alpacas is fully integrated alpaca farm from breeding to birthing; shearing and classing fibre to spinning and felting product right here at home. Alpacas are more than a delight to raise, they are our lifestyle and our passion!
Retirement is looming on the horizon, and we are very proud to offer, for sale, some of our best alpacas at very reasonable prices…. with a fantastic support package to add to the already great value. We are prepared to go the extra mile for our customers. So if you are looking for diversification, change in lifestyle, or a really great project for the kids contact us today to discover alpacas.